1Can a puncture be done without anaesthesia?
Anaesthesia used in this procedure does not cause much harm to the body. In addition, a woman should understand that the procedure is painful, so doctors usually do not allow to perform a puncture without anaesthesia.
2How many healthy embryos (after chromosomal diagnosis) are natural in one IVF cycle?
One or two healthy embryos are typical for one IVF cycle if the biological parents do not have significant pathologies and abnormalities or problems with eggs and sperm.
3Can you please tell if your oocyte donors are vaccinated?
The Kinderley Company complies with all safety measures during a pandemic, selects and supervises only vaccinated oocyte donors.
4If during pregnancy a woman in labour becomes infected with COVID-19, will it lead to a missed miscarriage?
Medical science has not proven the connection between COVID-19 and a frozen pregnancy or miscarriage, so there is no clear answer to this question yet. But at the same time, according to many medical articles, there are exceedingly rare cases in which COVID leads to abortion.
5Is it safe in Ukraine?
The IVF programs are carried out in clinics in the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It is more than a safe and developed metropolis.
6Will I be able to find something to my taste in Ukraine? I've heard that the food there is not very tasty.
Ukraine is one of the developed countries in the gastronomic world; it represents the cuisines of Italy, Georgia, France, America, Japan, China, India, Poland, Greece and many others.
7Will I live in a safe area?
The housing provided by the Kinderly Company is located in secure residential areas with developed infrastructure, near the clinic, office and metro. And also, it is relatively close to the centre.
8Who will meet me when I arrive in Ukraine?
Each client is met by a VIP-class transfer at the airport and taken to the hotel or apartment. A professional manager-translator will be waiting near the house to accommodate the client and tell him everything he needs.
9I do not want to do genetic diagnostics on embryos before transfer. Is it ok?
Genetic diagnostics significantly brings the client closer in time to the birthday of a healthy baby. Many chromosomes, at least, lead to NOT pregnancy, as a maximum to severe miscarriages or the birth of an unhealthy baby. It is better to transfer a healthy embryo and, thereby, bring yourself closer to meeting the long-awaited healthy baby.
10How long does it take to prepare the endometrium?
In the clinics with which the Kinderley Company cooperates, the medical preparation of the endometrium for embryo transfer usually takes from 18 to 30 days.
11How long does it take to stimulate ovulation of the ovaries?
Medication preparation for stimulating ovulation of the ovaries usually takes from 10 to 14 days.
12What is the situation with quarantine in Ukraine? Do I need to be in self-isolation?
You do not need to be in self-isolation if you have a certificate of complete vaccination or a PCR test/antigen/certificate of recovery.
13If I arrive late at night and cannot order food, can you help resolve this issue?
The Kinderly Company completes each apartment with a basic grocery set; you can have a hearty snack after a long flight, and in the morning prepare delicious meals using everything provided.
14Does NGS-24 harm the embryo?
Almost any diagnostics is more than 95% safe for the embryo. If there is the slightest risk that the embryo will not survive the diagnostics, the doctor will inform the client about it.
15Why is NGS better than PGD?
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods are better than many other diagnostics, at least in that the accuracy of its result is much higher than that of others. In diagnostics of relatively low accuracy (for example, PGD-5, PGD-7, etc.), it often happens that a perfectly healthy embryo is unhealthy according to the results. And vice versa. It significantly increases the risks of failure of the Program.
16In what cases is it necessary to perform the NGS diagnostics, and when - to use the PGD one?
It is a choice that depends on several factors. One of the main ones is the karyotype of biological parents. If it is normal, then, most likely, parents can use the simpler and more budgetary diagnostics. But the second factor is just as important - the accuracy of the results. If a couple has a balanced karyotype, but at the same time, the only high-precision diagnosis in the clinic that they have chosen is NGS, then it is better to use the NGS method.
17Why are there empty follicles?
Many women have these follicles during the IVF implementation. It is not considered an unhealthy or dangerous situation if their number is much less than the number of follicles with an egg. If there are more such follicles than "full" follicles, then there are many reasons that can lead to this: poor response to stimulation of ovulation, hormonal disruption, etc.
18How to understand that the eggs did not come out of the follicles before the puncture, and the empty follicles were already empty previously?
The client shouldn't worry about it. The doctor does a control ultrasound every few days to adjust the stimulation protocol. Therefore, the onset of the situation described in the question is almost impossible.
19Why can follicles grow unevenly during stimulation?
Because some follicles took longer to respond to stimulation, or the patient's response was so good that it woke up some follicles from the next cycle or some follicles did not want to respond to drugs. There can be many reasons. It should be understood that it happens in many patients in a low percentage. It is the norm. To assess a more real situation, it is better to focus on the number of follicles, which was named by the doctor on the day of the start of stimulation.
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